New Dvořák Edition (NDE)

New Dvořák Edition is a research and editorial project with the aim of publishing Dvořák’s overall compositional work with respect to the latest musicological findings stemming from basic research and extensive heuristic work. Thanks to this concept the edition will present the notation that best represents the composer’s intention. It is intended primarily for researchers, but it can at the same time serve musicians, especially top class performers who can study Dvořák’s works in a new, more authentic form. The project does not only focus on well-known and frequently played works, but includes also unknown versions and occasional compositions as well as hitherto unpublished works.

So far the following volumes have been published:

Antonín Dvořák: Alfred. Heroic Opera in Three Acts, B 16, Libreto K. Th. Körner, Piano Vocal Score by Otomar Kvěch, eds. J. Gabrielová – M. Kratochvílová, New Dvořák Edition, Český rozhlas – Etnologický ústav AV ČR, Praha 2014, 368 p., ISBN 978-80-87112-93-9, ISMN 979-0-66061-334-4.

Antonín Dvořák: Tragic Overture, B 16a, ed. L. Šmídová, Score, New Dvořák Edition, Etnologický ústav AV ČR, Praha 2016, XXIV + 104. s., ISBN 978-80-88081-01-2, ISMN 979-0-706555-02-7


Antonín Dvořák: vokální skladatel
October 20, 2016. Library of the Department of Music History of IE CAS
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