Dictionary of Old Bohemian Hymnographers

Kouba menší


Jan Kouba: Dictionary of Old Czech Hymnographers
[Slovník staročeských hymnografů (13.-18. století)]

Praha, Institute of Ethnology CAS, 2017, 522 p.
ISBN 978-80-88081-13-5

The Slovník staročeských hymnografů (Dictionary of Old Czech Hymnographers) is a contribution to European history of religion, literature, and sacred song from the Gothic Middle Ages through to the arrival of the Enlightenment. It records the creators of sacred songs and cantionals who were active within the territory of the Czech state as well as abroad in exile after the beginning of the Thirty Years' War. The dictionary contains a total selection of the 71 most important names of known hymnographers from the territory in question before the year 1800, and it covers the creators of sacred songs in the Czech, Latin, and German languages. All of the entries contain brief biographies of the hymnographers and end with bibliographies that are abridged but attempt to record all of the significant studies of value for hymnography for the persons in question and to review the development of scholarship about them.

Price: 300 Kč

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